President message

President message

Looking back on 2022, few had predicted that it was to be such a tumultuous year. We are thankful for support that we received and proud to have finished the year strong.

The economy in China had become stagnant due to lockdowns imposed by their Zero Covid policy. The effect of such policy was felt by our plants in China. On top of that, the war in Ukraine has caused electric supply issue in Europe at the worst timing. In Japan also, we faced many difficulties, such as drastic movement toward weaker Yen, accompanying fluctuations in stock prices and worldwide inflation to name a few.

These challenges demanded of us to execute serious counter-measures in order to strengthen the foundation of our management system.

I believed that we must strive to earn respect from our customers, and I have always spoken about it to our staff at every opportunity. I believe Ogura first has to become a company that our staff is proud to be part of. Even in today’s high inflation, Ogura must maintain stable management of all aspects of our operation so that it maintains healthy work place.

On a personal note, I will continue to participate in Super Endurance Race as a driver of the Rookie Racing team (owned by Toyota’s former president, Mr. Toyota who is known as Morizo when he is behind the wheel). As Toyota putting their resources to develop Hydrogen vehicle as one of the options to be carbon neutral, I have been honored to drive the Hydrogen Corolla as one of the development team members.

We expect 2023 to be as tumultuous as 2022, but we will continue our stable management of the company.