OA Micro Clutch

Micro Clutches for Office Automation has Major Share of World Market

Ever since the development of the first electromagnetic micro clutch prototype for office automation (OA) equipment in Japan, Ogura Clutch, as a pioneer of micro clutches for OA equipment, has provided various types of special purpose clutches tailored to individual customer specifications. Bi-directional rotation, high speed designs, multi gear designs and reversing drives have all been developed from meeting the needs of the OA Equipment Market. Lower cost, environmentally friendly and energy savings have been made possible with continued advancements in manufacturing.These products are used throughout the world in printers, copy machines and other peripheral equipment.

The Use and Function of Electromagnetic Micro Clutches for OA Equipment

Electromagnetic Micro clutches for OA equipment are used in different types of printers and copy machines. They start/stop the rollers and cams in a machine which feed/eject/transport/register papers and stir toner.

Electromagnetic clutches operate via electric actuation. When the clutch is required to actuate, voltage/current is applied to the clutch coil which produces magnetic lines of flux. The rotor portion of the clutch becomes magnetized and sets up a magnetic loop that attracts the armature. When the armature is pulled against the rotor, a strong frictional force transmits the torque mechanically. When current /voltage is removed from the clutch, the magnetic force of the coil dissipates quickly and the clutch disengages.

Micro Clutches for Office Automation has Major Share of World Market

Ogura's electromagnetic micro clutches vary from 22mm ‒ 35mm outside diameter and 18mm ‒ 36mm in length. We offer three types of models, MIC-E/NE,

For the MIC-T version, the 3.5T is now available besides the existing models of 2.5T and 5T.

This model is low cost and energy saving.