Reducing Cost and Work Environment/Fire and Rescue Equipment

Reducing Cost for Machine Tool Equipment and improving the Work Environment

High Pressure Coolant Systems

Through a high pressure nozzle, the "OGURA JET COOLANT Systems" sprays machining fluid (water or oil soluble) which is compressed by a pump. This pressurized machining fluid flushes the chips that adhere to products and tools, thus contributing to the reduction of minor production downtime caused by chips. Since this system eliminates the need for the manpower required for chip removal, it increases productivity by promoting automation and unattended operations in production lines. The "OGURA JET COOLANT Systems" also extends tool life and reduces the cost, since tips of the blades are cooled more effectively when the ?uid is sprayed.

Oil Mist Separator

Our oil mist separator boasts a remarkable efficiency of 99.9% while collecting oil mist through a combination of a unique centrifugal mechanism and a high performance ?lter. By providing cleaner air, it plays an important role in creating a pollution-free workplace.

Life and Labor Saving Equipment for Rescue Personnel

"Labor saving equipment improves work safety" is the motto behind our devel-opment of fire fighting equipment. The multi-task "Ogura System" consists of various machines that "wash, dry, retract and store" fire hoses and is a prime example of the labor saving equipment we manufacture.

As part of our conscious commitment to improve society through innovative efforts, we also make firefighting equipment as well as manufacturing battery-charged hydraulic cutters that are used by firefighters to rescue people who are trapped in dangerous situations.