CTA type:constant crrent controller
tenson controller


  • Temperature variation can be ignored due to constant current control.
  • Easy type selection based on application loads.
  • Internal variable resistor for applications with fixed settings.
  • External variable resistor for remote control.
  • Voltage signal input for remote control.
  • Optional output monitor.
  • Elimination of residual torque for hysteresis type products possible.
  • Slow start options available.


  • For constant tension or constant torque
  • For manual tension control
  • For tension control utilizing external voltage signal


CTA1100 Low cost circuit board type
CTA1200 1.5A Output type
CTA3200 3A Output type

Data Library

Constant Current Characteristic(PDF:59KB)



  • Internal variable resistor for constant tension/torque.
  • For applications requiring frequent tension/torque adjustment, external variable resistor can be provided.
  • DC0~5V for remote control is also possible.
  • When used in the hysteresis mode, residual torque of the hysteresis brake/clutch can be eliminated.
  • When used in the hysteresis mode, a slow up and down can be enabled.
  • By connecting a voltage output meter, user can see the output % of the controller.