CTF type:Pulse Count Type Tension controller
tenson controller


  • ・Used with dedicated DTH type tension sensor for low cost feedback control.
  • ・Temperature variation can be ignored due to constant current control.
  • ・Easy type selection based on application loads.
  • ・Dedicated setting units enable multiple tension settings with less cabling..
  • ・Optional output monitor.


  • ・For let-off/take-up with brake/clutch actuator attached for constant tension control.


CTF1200 1.5A Output type
CTF3200 3A Output type
CTF1400 1.5A Output × 4, circuit board type

Data Library

Characteristic : Feedback Control changing the setting value(PDF:62KB)

Characteristic : Feedback Control When given disturbance(PDF:67KB)

Characteristic : Open-roop Control When given disturbance(Reference)(PDF:64KB)



Highest accuracy due to actual monitoring of tension and feedback control

  • ・CTF units can be set via external variable resistor or DC0~5V.
  • ・Multiple CTF units can be set individually or simultaneously via the CTS1130 setting device.
  • ・CTF1400 type enables 4 sets of feedback control with 1 circuit board.