Ogura exhibits at 2023 International Robot Show

Ogura exhibits at 2023 International Robot Show

2023.11.13 |

Ogura is going to exhibit at 2023 International Robot Show at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 2nd (Saturday).

Robot technologies are becoming more and more ubiquitous from production sites to our everyday life. Many domestic and oversea robot makers and related companies are going to exhibit at this show. Ogura’s participation is the first time since 2019 due to corvid-19.

Ogura is going to showcase not only its primary products, industrial clutches and brakes but also various other products that it has developed in response to the needs in the era of the AI and IoT.

Among them, Ogura is particularly proud of the ”Robot Hand” and “Tool Changer” for the robot industry that continues to grow. These products are mounted on a robot for live demonstrations at Ogura booth.

Ogura is going to exhibit more new products that are developed for servomotor and robot. For example, a new system that monitors the remaining life of spring actuated brakes and spring actuated brake that mounts on a hollow shaft (the largest bore to brake size ratio in the industry).

Ogura as an  industry leading clutch and brake manufacturer, has cultivated unique know-hows, and is going to propose not only in the areas of automation, energy saving and optimization but also in the areas of safety and environment protection.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

<Exhibition Detail>
– Date:From Nov. / 29 / 2023 to Dec. / 02 / 2023
– Place:Tokyo Big Site East Exhibition Hall #5
– Booth #:E5-11

– International Robot Exhibition https:// irex.nikkan.co.jp
– Exhibition Item:Robot Hand, Tool Changer, Engagement Life-Span Prediction System for Break、Electromagnetic Power-Off Break for Tube Shaft, Electromagnetic holder, Low-Wearing type Electromagnetic Power-Off Break, No Backlash Type Electromagnetic Power-Off Break,  Extra compact size of Electromagnetic Power-Off Break, and Demonstration for general industrial clutch / Break