Ogura exhibits at M-Tech





Ogura will exhibit at the 29th Mechanical Components & Technology Expo or M-Tech for short at Tokyo Big Sight from June 19th (Wednesday) to 21st (Friday).

Ogura will showcase not only its primary product group, industrial clutches and brakes but also various digital era products that are AI and IoT related.

Ogura is particularly proud to showcase the Robot Hand and Tool Changer that are Ogura’s response to the needs from the ever-growing robot market. Ogura is going to demonstrate their capabilities with a robot that works side by side with people, Cobot.

In addition in the area of IoT, Ogura will showcase new products such as:

Brake Life Forecast System that can monitor the remaining life of spring actuated brakes in real time.
Low Friction Co-Efficient Spring Actuated Brake that achieves highly stable torque.
Spring Actuated Brake that works with Hallow Shaft that has the highest ratio in the industry between ID and OD.

With decades of experience and knowledge as a prominent clutch and brake manufacturer, Ogura proposes solutions in the areas of automation, energy saving and efficiency that are environment and safety conscious.

<Exhibit Details>

●When:June 19th (Wednesday) ~ 21sst (Friday)
●Where:Tokyo Big Sight East No. 3 Hall
●Exhibiter Booth #:E19-30
●Products displayed:Robot Hand, Tool Changer and their demonstration units.
Brake Life Forecast System, Electromagnetic Gripper, Spring Actuated Brake with Low Friction Co-Efficient, Spring Actuated Brake for Hallow Shaft, Hysteresis Brake with Hallow Shaft, High Speed Hysteresis Brake and other general industrial clutches and brakes

New Ogura Factory Opens in Philippines.


Construction of a new Ogura factory in Philippines, OGURA CLUTCH PHILIPPINES, INC.OCPhas been completed on November 11th, 2023, and the opening ceremony took place on December 18th.

The ceremony was attended by Yasuhiro Ogura, Chairman & CEO of Ogura Group, Yoshihiko Inokoshi, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Hirokazu Akiyama, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Toshio Takahashi, COO of OCP and approximately 50 representatives from the local government and representatives from related companies.

Electromagnetic coil which is the primary product of OCP, is sent for productions in Japan and China. Another major product, solenoid is sent to North America.


Location: Block 9-B Lot 6 Phase 3, Lima TechnologyCenter-Special Economic Zone,Lipa City, Batangas, 4217 Philippines

Representatives: Yasuhiro Ogura, Chairman & CEO

                         Toshio Takahashi, President & COO

Capital: 157 million peso

Employees: 302 (as of December, 2023)

Square Footage: 174,000 square feet

Building Square Footage76,000 square feet (first floor: 70,000 square feet, second floor: 6,000 square feet)

Products: Electromagnetic coils and parts for automotive and electronic equipment


Ogura exhibits at Auto Salon 2024


Two years in a row, Ogura exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 held at Makuhari Messe from January 12th to 14th.

Ogura showcased Light Clutch for Toyota Yaris, clutch for Daihatsu Copen L880K, clutch for Honda Civic Type-R (FL5) along with slipper clutch and clutch case for motorcycle as new products.

Exhibits at the booth were GR Yaris that had been driven by ORC Rookie Racing team in Super Endurance Race, GR86 that raced in Toyota Gazoo Racing Rally and Yamaha motorcycle YZF-R1 that raced in All Japan Road Race and Suzuka 8 Hours.

Popular among the attendees was Ogura’s talk show. Drivers who raced in various categories, such as Inter Proto Series, Kyojo Cup, Toyota Gazoo Racing Rally Challenge and GR86/BRZ Cup participated in it and shared their stories. Particularly noteworthy at the Rally Challenge segment of the talk show was an actor/racer, Mr. Show Aikawa announced his race car for the coming season. There was also a segment of the talk show where Formula Gymkhana (A race organized by college students for the first time last year) was discussed in an effort to popularize it among the attendees.

The highlight of the talk show was ORC Rookie Racing team that raced in Super Endurance Race. Multiple team drivers, including Morizo (Chairman of Toyota Automotive) made appearance and brought excitement to the show.

Ogura exhibited at 2023 International Robot Show


Ogura exhibited at 2023 International Robot Show that was held for 4 days from November 20th (Wednesday) to December 2nd (Saturday) at Tokyo Big Sight.

Going beyond its usual forte, clutches and brakes, Ogura showcased and demonstrated new products for the robot market that is expected to continue growth, such as Robot Hand, Tool Changer, Life Prediction System, etc.

Our demonstration with an actual robot attracted attention of many attendees.

The show was productive and successful as Ogura was able to exchange invaluable information, not only with the robot makers and its suppliers but also with many end users.


Ogura Industrial Corporation exhibited at Equip Exposition


For three days from October 18th to 20th, Ogura Industrial Corporation in New Jersey, exhibited at Equip Exposition, held in Louisville, Kentucky.

This exhibition is the largest of its kind in lawn and garden industry in North America, and various outdoor power equipment such as riding lawn mowers are showcased.

In addition to displaying PTO clutches, mobile clutches and spring actuated brakes at the booth, Ogura also played videos on 8 large flatscreen TVs on the design advantages of Ogura products and product troubleshooting.
At outdoor booth, racing lawn mowers and giant Monster Mower attracted attention of many attendees. The show was a great success for Ogura.


Ogura exhibits at 2023 International Robot Show


Ogura is going to exhibit at 2023 International Robot Show at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 2nd (Saturday).

Robot technologies are becoming more and more ubiquitous from production sites to our everyday life. Many domestic and oversea robot makers and related companies are going to exhibit at this show. Ogura’s participation is the first time since 2019 due to corvid-19.

Ogura is going to showcase not only its primary products, industrial clutches and brakes but also various other products that it has developed in response to the needs in the era of the AI and IoT.

Among them, Ogura is particularly proud of the ”Robot Hand” and “Tool Changer” for the robot industry that continues to grow. These products are mounted on a robot for live demonstrations at Ogura booth.

Ogura is going to exhibit more new products that are developed for servomotor and robot. For example, a new system that monitors the remaining life of spring actuated brakes and spring actuated brake that mounts on a hollow shaft (the largest bore to brake size ratio in the industry).

Ogura as an  industry leading clutch and brake manufacturer, has cultivated unique know-hows, and is going to propose not only in the areas of automation, energy saving and optimization but also in the areas of safety and environment protection.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

<Exhibition Detail>
– Date:From Nov. / 29 / 2023 to Dec. / 02 / 2023
– Place:Tokyo Big Site East Exhibition Hall #5
– Booth #:E5-11

– International Robot Exhibition https://
– Exhibition Item:Robot Hand, Tool Changer, Engagement Life-Span Prediction System for Break、Electromagnetic Power-Off Break for Tube Shaft, Electromagnetic holder, Low-Wearing type Electromagnetic Power-Off Break, No Backlash Type Electromagnetic Power-Off Break,  Extra compact size of Electromagnetic Power-Off Break, and Demonstration for general industrial clutch / Break

Ogura exhibited at Bangkok International Auto Salon 2023





Bangkok International Auto Salon 2023, known as the festival of custom made cars, was held for 5 days between June 28th and July 2nd at Impact Challenger Hall in Bangkok. It was Ogura’s fifth participation at this show. Ogura showcased its racing clutch, ORC and vehicles for drift racing in Thailand, equipped with ORC. As in the previous years, Ogura exhibited various promotional materials for ORC, such as the display panels and pamphlets in Thai, for different clutch series, emphasizing their unique characteristics and merits. Monitors, placed at 3 locations within the Ogura booth were not only used to explain Ogura clutch advantages but also to play the scenes from the last year’s chain international circuit 25 hour endurance race to showcase Ogura’s motor sports activities.

94th Ordinary Shareholder’s Meeting


The 94th ordinary shareholder’s meeting was held at 10AM on June 29th at KBIC (Kiryu Business Intelligence Convention) Hall, located on the 6th floor of Kiryu chamber of commerce building. First, business reports and consolidated financial statements of the 94th financial period were discussed. Accounting auditor and supervisory board then reported the result of audit on consolidated financial statements. 4 proposals were voted and approved: 1) appropriation of surplus, 2) appointment of 6 directors, 3) appointment of an audit and supervisory board member and 4) bonus for the retiring directors.

Ogura exhibits at Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2023


Ogura exhibited at Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2023, held from June 15th (Thursday) to 18th (Sunday) at Tokyo Big Sight. TIFSE is the largest trade show, held once every 5 years, hosted by Tokyo Fire Department, focuses on fire and safety equipment. Ogura showcased various new equipment such as the primary products, Fire hose Washer that is designed with the labor saving concept in mind and rechargeable electric-hydraulic life-saving tool, Ogura RP series that is being actively used at many rescue scenes. For Ogura, it was an opportunity not only to showcase its newest products that are answer to the needs of today’s market but also to exchange information with people in the industry.


Ogura exhibited at the 28th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech)


Ogura exhibited at the 28th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech), held from June 21st (Wednesday) to 23rd (Friday) at Tokyo Big Sight. Ogura showcased its products such as industrial clutches and brakes as answers to the needs arising from smartification. In particular, Robot Hand and Tool Changer that Ogura is offering for the expanding robot industry, Wear Monitoring System for spring actuated brakes that monitors the remaining life of the products in real time remotely—necessity in IoT (Internet of Things) and spring actuated brakes with stable slip torque and with large bore for hollow shaft (the largest hole to OD ratio in the industry). Ogura designs and manufactures products for that aide automation, labor saving, optimization, safety and protection of environment.


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